You are going to assess each others ideas regarding the use of technology in education, using a method of analyzing ideas put forward by a philosopher called Socrates more than 2500 years ago.


Step 1- Researching method

Watch the video and think about the following questions.
(0- 3:45 minutes)
  1. What was Socrates like as a person?
  2. Which of his most famous ideas does the video mention?
(11:50- 17:30)
  1. The video outlines 5 steps which Socrates says are necessary in forming good ideas. What are they?
  2. What argument did Socrates make about Democracy?

Step 2- Applying method

  1. Write a post making an argument regarding the use of technology in education.
  2. Remember your argument must include a conclusion and premises.
  3. Use the 5 step process of analyzing and challenging ideas from the video to respond to another post.
  4. Reply to the post adapting the initial idea.