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Critical thinking is a process where we use the knowledge we have and our intelligence to come to the most reasonable position on questions. We can do this by building arguments, checking to make sure we can be confident about our ideas, as well as avoiding obstacles to thinking critically.

One of the most basic elements of critical thinking is building sound arguments. Arguments have two components, the premise(s) and the conclusion. In order to make a strong argument the conclusion needs to be supported with relevant reasons. Critical Thinking is a very active process and we need to be questioning our ideas all the time to avoid making weak arguments. One method of doing this is to take statements we believe to be true and to find exceptions to them. If we can, then we will be forced to accept that these ideas need to be adjusted to take the exception into account. This process should show where we are making mistakes in our thinking, for example, if our argument is built using stereotypes, then this weakness in our argument will be noticed and we can take the necessary steps to revise our argument.

This process of critical thinking can be very helpful, not only for solving problems and understanding our everyday lives, but also by giving us confidence in our beliefs.